Đây là học phần bắt buộc dành cho sinh viên không chuyên ngữ trường Đại học Vinh. Chương trình gồm có 5 bài (từ bài 1 đến bài 5) giáo trình Target PET của tác giả Sue Ireland & Joanna Kosta. Học phần được phân bổ trong 45 giờ tín chỉ (tương đương với 3 tín chỉ). Qua học phần này người học được cung cấp một số kiến thức tiếng Anh cơ bản tổng quát, giúp họ rèn luyện các kĩ năng thực hành tiếng Anh nghe, nói, đọc, viết. Kết thúc học phần sinh viên sẽ có nền tảng kiến thức để  tiếp tục học phần Ngoại ngữ II (Tiếng Anh II)

UNIT 6 Adventures and explorers

6.1. The wind was blowing hard

6.2. Into the rain forest

Practice and questions for discussion


Natural world

Past simple and Past continuous


UNIT 7 Winners and losers

7.1. I could easily swim further

7.2. He has just won first prize

Practice and questions for discussion


Feelings and opinions

Comparative and superlative adverbs

Present perfect and past simple

UNIT 8 The best days of your life

8.1. Students don‟t have to study!

8.2. A job that you enjoy

Practice and questions for discussion

School and study


Obligation, prohibition and permission

Relative pronouns

UNIT 9 What does the future hold?

9.1. We will have robots

9.2. Unless we act now…

Practice and questions for discussion

Computers and technology


Predicting the future

First conditional and unless

UNIT 10 Having fun

10.1. If I visited your country…

10.2. CDs can be bought online

Practice and questions for discussion


Music and festivals

Second conditional

Modal passives

UNIT 11 Spending money

11.1. My great new leather jacket

11.2. I‟ve had my hair cut

Practice and questions for discussion



Adjectives order

Have/get something done

UNIT 12 Screen time

12.1. I‟d never seen a film before

12.2. My agent asked me to work

Practice and questions for discussion


Reporting verbs

Past perfect

Reported speech






Interview with an explorer

From Pole to Pole – Manpower

Telling a story

A story:

An amazing discovery

Design a book cover competition

Sports courses

Plan a spelling competition in class

Writing a message

A talk about Sandy‟s job

Breaking the rules

Role-play a job interview

Writing a job advertisement

New exhibition on global warming

The house of the future

Making the predictions about the future

An email about protecting the environment

The life in Berlin

Travelling abroad

The best of this summer‟s music festivals

Plan a weekend holiday

A popular festival in your country

Golden court shopping centre

Teen shopping trend!

Interview your shopping habit

An email about a shopping centre in your area

The first visit to a cinema

They said it would be fun!

Working as a film extra

Writing a story

Just as the film began, I received a text message.